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Project Out of School Children aims to take quality education to every child and create infrastructure and resources to start a literacy revolution in every corner of the country and ensure every child gets a fair chance at learning.


We want to ensure equal opportunity in education to children by creating a cost-optimal infrastructure, taking container schools to disadvantaged communities, with quality child-friendly curriculum, training the teachers and inclusion of UN SDGs.


  • Early Childhood Education is fundamental to each child.
  • Lead with SDG action on society.
  • Waste No Time on school infrastructure
  • A Single-Book Curriculum Delivery
  • Professional Development of Teachers


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Amreesh Chandra, Founder Project OOSC, Director Education St. Paul's School, Gorakhpur was honoured with the Freeman to the City of London title in June, 2012 for his enormous contribution to the development of education from small kindergartens to the development of Higher Education cities, not only in India and in the UK, but also across many countries around the world.

Amreesh Chandra continues to pursue his quest and vision for better education because he firmly believes that if society is to be reformed, education has to reach everyone high and low, because individuals are the very constituents of society.

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Project OOSC is extremely grateful to Professor The Lord Patel for his invaluable guidance and encouragement for championing our mission to Education For All. The Lord Patel is an active social worker, a member of House of Lords, he has extensive experience working in national and international developments in areas of impact in education, health, social care, crime, community and human rights. Prof. The Lord Patel believes that with education what a nation can do is immense, it can eradicate poverty, malnutrition and inequalities by giving the right to education to all.

Our SDG Action on Society


Creating equal and fair job opportunities, ensuring members of community to become self-reliant and overcome poverty.

Ensuring education for all by taking Container Schools to disadvantaged communities.

Ensure gender equality in education as well as by creating equal job opportunities for women.

Creating awareness amongst children and community on personal hygiene, sanitation and use of clean and safe drinking water


We ensure no child is left behind due to caste, gender or poverty. Empowering through fair and equal opportunities for all.

Climate action is part of our creative curriculum and strategy. Educating children and community to work to ensure a sustainable future.

Ensuring valuable partnerships to empower change through education and successful action on action on society.

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Give education to out of school children by setting up a container school at a place of your choice. With Project Out of School Children your dream to help educate children can be fulfilled in simplest, most affordable and at a rapid pace.


Founded by Educationalist Amreesh Chandra in 2019, Project OOSC is a Container School initiative to address the out of school children population in the Commonwealth Nations with special focus in India.


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First Container School, Kusmi Jungle site, Gorakhpur, U.P.

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